Responsible footwear for happy feet.

Nature footwear is a family owned company with over 50 years experience in designing and making footwear.

With a demand for the highest quality materials and a sustainable product, our styles are designed in Denmark, in consultation with orthopaedic and podiatry specialists. Nature shoes are foot-formed, ergonomic, light-weight and elegant. They embody the principles of Danish design, favouring minimalist functionality, with attention to detail.

Shoes made from pineapples?

Nature’s Piñatex® range has high social benefits, a low ecological impact, and no animal products.

Developed by Dr Carmen Hijosa, Piñatex® is a plant-based alternative to leather. It’s soft and flexible, light, breathable and strong.

In collaboration with the Danish Nature Fund every purchase of Nature footwear conserves 1m² of wild Danish forest.

Sneak Peek - Spring Summer 2020